With over 10 years of teaching experience and 15 years of regular practice, yoga is not only a gateway into my meditation and movement healing arts happenings, it is also a way of life. My work as a performer, instructor, friend, and mother comes from a yogic place.

Vinyasa & Voice:

A flow of movement both invigorating and calming to bring forth a higher awareness and connectedness. This practice will clear channels of the throat and heart so that we can sense the sounding of our breath. Each class will culminate in a 10 minute vocal meditation during sivasana, a greatly resonant singing that will reverberate across the room and within our bodies, sung by Odeya Nini.

Leaving Room Yoga:

Leaving Room Yoga is a weekly class I run periodically out of my home in Mount Washington overlooking the hills of East LA. The class is an hour long and $10, each class ends with a short Voice Bath and a sharing of tea and fruit. For more info on the most recent 'Leaving Room Yoga' e-mail me at leavingroomyoga@gmail.com ~